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Fitting Services

ETyreStore Townsville has In-Store and Balancing Facilities.
Our In-Store Fitting and Balancing Facilities are available FROM $20.00 per tyre, and you can come in anytime without the need to Book In. Fitting and balancing generally takes around 40 minutes for 4 tyres.
This pricing however does not include disposal, as disposal prices are subject to change.

Why Our Prices Are So Low

ETyreStore Townsville is the Easiest and Most Cost Effective Way to buy tyres ever created for a number of reasons, ETyreStore deals directly with tyre factories, this is the main reason why our tyre prices are so low. When you buy tyres from a tyre retailer, the tyres will have been bought and sold a number of times before they get to you - the end user.

For Example, With Normal Tyre Retailers your Tyre Lifeline will be as follows -

Manufacturer - Third Party International Distributor - National Australian Importer - Local Australian Wholesaler - Retailer - End User.

With ETyreStore Townsville-

Manufacturer - ETyreStore - End User.

Please Contact Us, We Look Forward to Hearing From you! ETyreStore has national delivery services, so you don't have to be within driving distance to still take advantage of our unbelievable pricing structure.

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